Active Classes For Children

We are well known for our patience and understanding.
We welcome children of all abilities.
Stimulating and fun classes for 6 months to young teens. 


Monday 8th January (Ealing St Johns; Friday 5th January) - Thursday 29th March

Half term; 12th- 16th February

All after school Gymnsatics and most dance classes are now full. Also the following pre school classes:

Ealing; Twisters 2; Monday 10.30 & Tuesdays 9.30 

If you would like to go on a waiting list please email twisters@btinternet.com the class you are intersted in & venue, your childs name, date of birth and a contact number and we will be in contact when we can offer you a trial.

Classes include: Twisters 1 & 2, Gymkids, Gymnastics, Ballet, Street Jazz, Tap and Dance Drama  . Conveniently located Ealing, Acton and Chiswick.


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